Do I have a future in rap music?

Question - Do I have a future in rap music? This was a question asked by a young 16 year old rapper on yahoo answers after sending me his rap lyrics.




My Answer - It's obvious you have talent but to me your tone is overly negative; as a person who has been making and selling beats for awhile I can tell you with lyrics like that you will never go major. In order to get away with lyrics like that you would have to be major already. Why? Gangsta lyrics almost always bring haters and confrontation. Some people are going to know you are talented and still hate; it\'s just the nature of the business, never take that personal. If you want to make a lot of money real quick try to make a song for the women. Why? Women make up almost 70 percent of all music sales; plus men are more likely to burn your cd\'s and resell them leaving you with no profits. Just think about cashmoney for a second.

I know a lot about them because I lived near them in New Orleans most of my life. Juvenile have been rapping gangsta for a really longtime. Locally we knew he was hot but no one then, recognized him nationwide, until he made the hit backthatazz up. Literally that song not only blew up Juvenile but also started the rise of lil wayne. It is quite challenging making songs that make women dance without appearing like you soft. The trick is to work on your delivery and you can do that by rapping in front friends and family; that also will help with improving your stage presence. You don\'t need gangsta lyrics; just a gangsta delivery. You can study the deliveries of popular artists such as wayne, pac and biggie; then take elements of each style to create your own personal delivery. Many popular artists do that; they just never admit to it.