About Us

In 1999, the owner of free beats online.com, began to delve into the art of making beats. He started out with a 99$ keyboard from Radio Shack and eventually moved on to computer software. Only armed with a Fostex 4-track recorder in the beginning, an Alesis SR-16 drum machine, and a cheap Yamaha keyboard, he created his first song which was titled Whoa Na. He performed that song in many clubs and talent shows & eventually built up a small following. Even though the song wasn't mastered and no where near radio ready, his fans still demanded CD's. He eventually created one to keep his following and the two stand out local hits, whoa na and f_the drama help his first CD sell over 40,000 copies locally, even though it wasn't mastered. He also provided two tracks for the former No Limit artist known as Cold-Blooded. The two tracks were purchased by the hot production team, Beats By Tha Pound, and he felt honored that his favorite production team at that time, actually bought exclusive rights to the two beats Cold-Blooded wanted. He also worked with local underground legend; Fila Phil and produced 1 drum track that was featured on Fila Phil's album which was titled Da Hustla.


In 2015, the owner of the free beats online website, is still making beats however because of the huge world market, he has branched off from solely Hip Hop & he now loves the challenge of creating beats and songs for multiple genres. In 2011 he sold leasing rights to over 4,000 beats outside the U.S. , with most customers coming from the United Kingdom. He specifically chose to laser target the United Kingdom because in their culture they like to (own the beat) with lyrics while in America they tend to let their beats carry their songs. In other words more emphasis is placed on lyrical talent in the U.K., but in the U.S. more emphasis is placed on the sound of the beat; and the lyrics in the U.S. seem to be trend focused, while the lyrics in the U.K. are focused more on the respective artist's world perspective. The Hip Hop in the U.K. today reflects American Hip Hop in the 80's & 90's when no one copied each others style or rapped about the same thing.


Even though it could be hard to balance his time spent in the studio, with his family, working full time, and operating his own website free beats online; he is learning to divide his time evenly between everything and everyone that's important to him. He now does most of his recording with computer software. He doesn't limit himself to any particular brand because he feel they all have advantages and disadvantages. Along with making beats, he also maintains multiple websites which relays valuable information to consumers. His hard work ethic was instilled in him by his parents who worked hard their entire lives.


In conclusion if you are interested in purchasing exclusive and leased beats or interested in downloading free beats; you can visit my website freebeatsonline.com. Before you can buy tagless beats or download tagless free beats, you have to create an account and password to log into the members area of the site. Once you have signed up, you will receive immediate access to all free beats and you will also be able to purchase beats that are for sale on the website.